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Why study in our institute? 

In our Institute you can become certified in all our courses.

Our professional team has created all levels of the tea education. Participants can develop basic knowledge from the world of tea as well as more advanced skills from the field. For several years now we have been creating the history of hospitality to deliver the best possible personalised services and meeting our clients´ needs and expectations. We offer flexible approach and professional attitude to all our students. Our experienced and skilled professional lecturers lay emphasis on mutual interaction and offer co-working with American, Canadian, and UAE Institutes. Since we know that your time is precious, our courses can either be attended in our institute in Switzerland or they can be held online.

Is our institute right for you?

International Food and Beverage Institute has been developed for those who wish to discover more from the world of tea. Would you like to become a professional tea master? Would you like to gain important knowledge for a potential leader in hospitality industry? Would you like to increase your knowledge about the TEA, and gain or improve other skills from food and beverage? Would you like to compete as International Tea Master? Would you like to present and transfer your knowledge to others? Then – we are the right choice for you. We offer an ideal start for tea beginners and others exploring food and beverage industry for the first time. We also offer a personalised training for people in services, bartenders, chefs, baristas, or sommeliers. Our personalised courses are great for those who want to move on in their career and get involved in hotel and hospitality industry. What goals can we help you achieve? The graduates can further transfer their newly gained knowledge as international tea stewards, tea somelliers tea masters, botanicals mixologists or leisure tea specialists. Our graduates can draw on their new experience in their own tea and hotel environment, in bars and food and beverage outlets or other hospitality services.


With all the details in mind, our institute offers programs and courses which are designed for you to achieve the best education level and become a true explorer in one of the fastest growing industries in today´s world. We have already seen some parts of the fascinating world of TEA and we are still keen to see and taste much more. And what about you?

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