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In our Institute you can become certified in all our courses. Our professional team has created all levels of the tea education. Participants can develop basic knowledge from the world of tea as well as more advanced skills from the field.

Experience Natural Lapacho Tisane from Argentina. Our cupping sample of infusion 80 °C / 2 teaspoons / 5 dcl / 5 - 8 min. Would you like to explore more from Argentina Lapacho Matto Grosso history.

You will learn more about today tea trends and see how tea creates an inseparable part of the culinary world.


Tea Sommelier Course Content 


The basic aspects of tea growing and processing. Tea & the “Terroir”, Tea & the “Soil”. Health benefits of tea.

International Tea Mixologist

Tea Tender Style This course is a perfect introduction to the main tea types and tea styles from different tea producing countries. You will learn different types of tea serving, how to prepare tea with spirits, and more about the profession of a tea tender and mixologist. You will also acquire knowledge and skills necessary for successful satisfaction of your clients´ needs, and you will learn more about selling methods and tea and food pairing. We will together reveal the mystery of how one common tea plant may affect the hospitality and bartender scene and how tea can enliven such world by offering so many colours in a cup, tower or in a cocktail glass.

International Tea Master Course Content

History and development of tea growing and processing. Tea preparation and serving. Tea tasting. Tea and food pairing. Health benefits of tea. The history and art of Japanese, Chinese, and Korean tea.

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