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Member of Botanico Tea`s

(part of International Food and Beverage Institute)


Welcome to your own world of the latest and personalised information where you can become a part of the international network and enlarge your own professional community. Having personalised access and being a member will help you to increase your knowledge and skills. Being connected will give you the opportunity to have the first hand information from hotel and hospitality industry.

Along the way, you will become more familiar with our institute model. You will regularly receive news from Botanico Urban Life Style campaign. You will be connected to our masters, get access to videos and master classes and also get free entry to our interactive welcoming party.  Last but not least we have prepared for you special discounts on selected accessories. 

Every member receives a membership card, which will be sent to your home with a Botanico Teas present.

Membership costs 69 CHF per year, per person. Membership starts upon registration and is valid for 12 months.


CHF 69.00Price