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History and development of MAROCCAN TEA. Tea preparation and serving. Tea tasting. Tea and food pairing. Health benefits of tea. The history and art of Marrocan tea.


COURSE DURATION AND OPTIONS 1 days course (2 hours) for onsite classes 9:00 AM- 6:00 PM or 15 x 7 hours for online classes Students and lecturers may set dates convenient for both parties including evenings and weekends. 


NEXT ON-SITE CLASS DATES: Let us know about your location so we can validate with IFBI accredited lecturers in your area. There is a minimum of 6 participants in all classes, workshops, and trainings.


NEXT VIRTUAL CLASS DATE START: Participants shall discuss the flexible program hours. The schedule will be set on the both lecturer and student agenda availability. All classes are based on individual approach to our students.


WHAT WILL YOU GAIN FROM THIS COURSE? This course is perfect for those who want to become more familiar with tradistional preparation of Marrocan tea. 


TUITION FEES CHF 25 including taxes. For additional information and bookings, please contact our institute and our representatives worldwide.


CHF 25.00Price
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